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Hey! This is Silverpaw at my home in cyberspace. Please go to the link on top marked Tales of Atlantis- Info and read all the rules. That's right. ALL of 'em! You will have no clue what you're doing if you don't. THEN, Once you have read that, click the link titled Joining Form. Fill it out and then go to Game Boards. The one saying OOC Corkboards is for Out Of Character discussion on stuff, meaning that it's not the game. I'm constantly adding stuff! Most new things can be found on the Game Board page, but a few things can be found on the What's New? section after this. Please read EVERYTHING on the Game Boards and Info pages! You must know all the rules to understand how to play. Also, check out the links page! Some really cools sites are on it! Please, refer your friends. The more people that join, the better it will be!
Tales of Atlantis takes place in the city of Atlantis, before its sinking. It takes place when Atlantis was still a city of gold and wonder. When anything could happen there, and dreams could come true. But the battle between good and evil is always present, and you must choose the side to fight on. The weak will be taken care of by the good, but not for long. The good fight on the side of the Goddess Silverpaw, although she usually doesn't bother to take place in petty mortal fights. The evil creatures fight with the Masked One, a mysterious Goddess that's fighting for power.
The angels of the elements help the Goddess Silverpaw to look after the realm. They do not participate in any battles or care about mortal posesions. They are merely there to help Silverpaw. The fire angel, Ikilia, and the earth angel, Gaea, are both awakened. The water angel, Aphroditia, and the air angel, Lunia, are still to be discovered. Each of these angels have minor semi-angels to assist them. These semi-angels' names are unknown, but they each have a semi-element. Air's assistant is Lightening. Water's assistant is Ice. Earth's assistant is Flower. And Fire's assistant is

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